ArtHost main goal is to preserve online artworks and keep them available for online access and other presentations while creating an infrastructure in which online artworks can find professional dedicated storage for institutions, artists and private collections simultaneously.

ArtHost does not own the works and has no right to present it in an other way than guaranteeing online access. The uploaded work furthermore: work under contract
  1. Will not be duplicated, copied, or reproduced in whole or in part otherwise than agreed on
  2. Will not be exhibited
  3. Will not be broadcast or cablecast in any manner
  4. Will not be lent or transferred by Arthost to any institution or individual

With ArtHost you pay only for the individual services you need but on the base of a long-term (10 year) license. Included is ingest, checking files, taking care of domain names and maintenance. The making of documentation is additional.

Any questions or need some help, please contact us at .

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